This Catch-All Corseted Bodice Is A Design Marvel

This Catch-All Corseted Bodice Is A Design Marvel

Everyone loves a strapless dress. It is a really flattering silhouette, classic and elevated. But we all know it can be worryingly insecure, and can slip exposing everything with the smallest of movements, and usually has a bulky and unflattering elasticated chest band to prevent the worst from happening. 

This is what Macayla Chapman, Director and Designer at Bird & Knoll was solving for when she designed the Parker Mini Dress.

"Basically we wanted a strapless dress that allowed the busy and multitasking Bird & Knoll woman to live her life freely and dance the night away without a wardrobe malfunction."

"I wanted a flat, beautifully shaped neckline that didn’t create pressure cutting into the chest or around the underarms in an attempt to be secure. A dress that left the wearer feeling able to do anything with the confidence the dress would not move and that it would support the bust.

The Parker Mini has an internal corset bodice that hugs the body creating structure and support inside a floaty and feminine mini dress silhouette.

"If we were to remove the bulk of elastic and gathering at the neckline we needed something supportive and flat underneath the floaty outer layer of the dress to give support and structure," said Macayla. "A corset style bodice was the obvious choice. This created support and tension around the ribcage and through the chest yet allowed the top neckline of the dress to sit effortlessly and not constrict in any way."

Cruz Maxi Dress (also features corseted bodice)

Feedback from the market confirms the dress is so wearable and feels secure but not restricting. It is not tight around the top of the chest and doesn’t cause any bulging of skin near the underarm which women hate. It is extremely flattering and comfortable to wear. 

The corseted bodice of the Parker mini dress was such a huge success, the designers have brought it through several dresses in the next collection, including the Rue Maxi and Cruz Maxi dresses.  

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