Mother's Day Edit

Mother's Day Edit

I think I speak for most Mothers when I say less is more on Mother's Day. Add to the interesting handmade items that come home from school art class or the market stall with handmade treasures you'll actually want to display or even wear. The shop is brimming with options - here are my top picks. 

1. Sunglasses - Barton Perreira Vega

Barton Perreira are not only the ultimate in cool sunnies, they are also handmade in accordance with the quality and design values that the Japanese are known and revered for. 

Vega’s luxurious and exquisite silhouette is effortlessly glam. Masterfully crafted in titanium and ultra-lightweight Japanese acetate, the style features hand-engraved filigree detailing and gradient lenses. Mum will be the cool kid on the block. 

Buy in store. 

2. Gigi Clozeau 18ct Gold and Resin Bracelet

Gigi Clozeau's dainty pieces are crafted in the brand's family-owned workshop in the South of France. This bracelet is cast from 18-karat gold and strung with vibrant resin beads each individually hand-dipped. So delicate and gorgeous by itself or stacked on the wrist with another colour. 

Buy them here.

3. A Cosy Mohair Knit from Maiami Berlin

In new arrivals to the store, we have a small range of cosy and soft mohair and alpaca handknit sweaters and cardigans. Based in Berlin, the label stands for a modern aesthetic presented through unexpected colours and their combination. The jumpers are made by family-owned suppliers and knitters in rural communities in Europe, with the aim of keeping the artisanal craft of handknitting alive but with a contemporary breath of new life. Mum will wear this several seasons of the year.

Buy them here.

4. Handcrafted and Vintage Trinket Dishes

Mums love small vessels for decorative purposes but also to keep their rings and other trinkets. We have a range of sourced, handcrafted and vintage dishes and ceramic decorative pieces in store. Come in and pick one out that you think mum will love. 

 Buy them here.

5. Reindeer Skin

It seems unlikely but Mums love to bring a Scandinavian vibe to any living space with the addition of a reindeer skin. Ethically farmed in Norway, this one is snug as a throw over the back of the sofa or ottoman, or on the floor in your closet. 

 Available for store pick up only.

6. Silk Pillowcase - hand dyed

Bridging the gap between beauty and wellness, every mum should have one of these 100% silk pillowcases. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase improves your hair health while hypoallergenic temperature regulators moisturise your face and are known to decrease wrinkles. Designed and dyed in NYC.  

Buy them here.

7. Kapital Cowichan Socks 

Paying homage to its hometown Kojima, Okayama – an area dubbed Japan’s denim capital – cult Japanese brand Kapital Cowichan creates workwear-inspired pieces with a distinct edge. The 96 Yarns Cowichan Socks have contrasting accents, made from a soft cotton knit. Just what Mum needs for cold Sunday mornings and the sidelines this winter. Available in beige and blue.

Buy them here.

8. Atelier Lumira Parfum

Fragrance is always a good idea - especially when the scent is exotic and radiant for daytime wear, without being distinctive and over powering. It's also unisex so can be shared by the family. Made in Australia using the finest luxury ingredients, each scent conjures the olfactory cues of various locales. Mum is sure to love Soleil Du Maroc, Cuban Tobacco and Arabian Oud. Scented candles are also available in store. 

Buy here.

9. Pigna Jewellery by Kristina Ammitzboll

Jewellery is personal so, whilst it can be hard to pick out for Mum, it's very meaningful and she will thank you for trying. New arrivals from Pigna include these gorgeous and quirky Gold Bee Stud earrings and the Ayna Smoky Quartz ring. Creator, Kristina has a special affinity with gemstones, placing them in jewellery to optimise their efficacy. These are handmade in Australia with love and purpose. 

 Buy here and here

10. Photographic print by Maya Vidulich

If you really feel like spoiling mum and surprising her with a unique, limited edition photographic print, look no further than our range of street and landscape imagery that is available to order in various sizes.

See the gallery here. 

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