Laura B And The Glow Mesh Revival

Laura B And The Glow Mesh Revival

Laura B. signature disco bag Image: Island Luxe Tribe

Laura Bortolami’s design career is gilded and glamorous - working for the houses of Versace, Armani and Dolce & Gabbana for some 15 years, yet her pieces are still carefully made by hand, one by one, in her atelier in Barcelona.

Her artistic influences have been diverse, journeying between London, Paris and Milan in the early years of her career, and then onto India for a commission to design accessories for friend Andrea Sargeant’s first Milan fashion show.

Her first solo collection was a vintage jewellery line inspired by the 1970s revival taking place at the time. Each piece was unique, produced in Avignon where she had taken up residence, and started attracting the attention of a select and niche clientele. Moving to Barcelona, and soon after that leaving Dolce & Gabbana, Laura determined to dedicate herself only to her Laura B - Collection Particulière.

Laura B Bag

Laura B Bag

Evolving her work, and through experimentation with various materials and textiles, Laura came across mesh - the metallic fabric used in 1920s evening bags. She was drawn to the light and texture and it soon became the signature material of her label. Starting with jewellery, in time she moved the medium across to bags and belts.

Her more recent work combines the mesh with stones, chains, crystals, leather, python and other accent items to produce truly unique works of wearable art.

Now leading a team of artisans in her Barcelona atelier, Laura collaborates with young creatives to constantly breathe new life into her designs, while ensuring the handmade soul remains at the heart of everything they produce.

Laura B. bags and jewellery can be bought direct from her online store or found in store at Hearth Co. Palm Beach. 

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