Handmade, Elevated

Handmade, Elevated

Chloe carries bek + MERI natural fibre bilum. Image credit

Welcome to Hearth Co

We are a lifestyle brand that curates handmade items and fine arts, with a focus on sustainability and style.

Our curators discover the coolest stuff from around the world - sharing ideas, telling stories, connecting people with artisans, creative communities and authentic, ‘conscious’ products that are also luxe and on-trend.

Research for this brand has taken place over many years, and now feels like the right moment to bring it to life, and bring conscious shopping mainstream. This is a moment of challenge, a universal moment of reflection, when we’re all reconsidering our habits and ways of life, and their impact on humanity and the planet. It feels perfectly timed to meet everyone’s ideals for a slower and more mindful way of life.

So, we invite you to follow along. Let us urge you to think about where products are coming from, the lifespan of each item and if and why it holds meaning for you. Let us spoil you for choices that will rest easily on your conscience and ultimately bring quality, soul and comfort to your life.

We will identify and only feature products that are innately good: handmade, fair trade, slow, limited production. Items that have this in their DNA, that are not reverse engineered to fit a cultural trend. Our collections will highlight, but not be limited to, indigenous cultures whose craft and livelihood are endangered. Our ranges seek to transcend seasonal trends and go for lasting style and far-reaching benefit.

Here, you will find articles about handmade products and their provenance. We’ll cover news in the space - product alerts, shop openings, new labels, collaborations; we’ll profile makers and trends; and we’ll invite voices from the category to contribute opinion editorial. We’ll pull together collections to introduce you to the best of handmade when you need to shop for yourself or gift others. Soon we’ll launch a series of Fireside Chats with makers. Later, we’ll add a shop to this site.

We hope you will enjoy our point of view and curation of elevated handmade items. Please follow us on Instagram and tell your friends!

Nina xo

If you are an artisan or know one who might like to be featured on this site, please send an email to nina@hearth-co.com

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