Escape Lockdown Through Art

Escape Lockdown Through Art

Ben Crawford: And all go stumbling… in lonely secrecy. Oil, acrylic + charcoal on linen

Throughout history, people have turned to genres like magical realism in art, literature and filmmaking to escape from the mundane and lighten their worlds with fantasy, myth and nostalgia. These lockdown days are no different! And we need art even more than ever.

Queensland based, Irish born painter Ben Crawford’s latest exhibition, An Outlaw for My Love, explores the life he and his wife have built together, interwoven with fantastical elements and characters from their own history. The paintings are Ben’s memories and idealised worlds, yet they allow the audience to find themselves and their own narrative in the works.

Says Ben of his collection: “This body of work is a love letter to my wife. It’s a reflection of our time together, of the ups and downs, of a life shared and nurtured over the past 13 or so years. Some of these paintings are romantic in nature, but I tried to avoid being overly sentimental in my portrayal of our relationship, leaving room for new stories to emerge.”

Ben Crawford: We watched a lazy world go by. Oil, acrylic, oil stick and charcoal on linen

Ben Crawford: We watched a lazy world go by. Oil, acrylic, oil stick and charcoal on linen

The enchanting colour palette Ben uses provides a visually rich painterly escape for the viewers who ‘experience’ these paintings rather than just look upon them.

Familial nostalgia, the romanticisation of personal histories and future possibilities underpin this show.

Purchasing art in lockdown is a wonderful way in which to connect with your creative side, brighten your home and support artists at a time that is so difficult for so many creatives.

An Outlaw for My Love opens virtually on August 18. For more information on the artist click here

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This story was contributed by Tash Yuncken, Gallery Associate and Assistant Curator at Curatorial+Co.

Ben Crawford | An Outlaw for My Love | Curatorial+Co. from Curatorial+Co. on Vimeo.


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