An Alpaca blanket, But Make It Art

An Alpaca blanket, But Make It Art

Blacksaw’s Siempre Speakeasy Recycled Blanket. Buy it here

Steph and Kyle Taylor rode a motorcycle through the Andean mountain ranges. There, not only did they find the herds of alpacas that would inspire their handmade blanket business. They found a whole new way of life.

Blacksaw’s mission is to create meaningful possessions that are worthy of taking up space in your life. One is taking up space across my shoulders as I write. And I can report it is very worthy, and it is VERY warm.

100% Alpaca blankets and throws are the foundation of their product range, and are carefully curated according to originality, usability and spirit. Alpaca’s attributes offered an opportunity that was eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic and sustainable. Seven times warmer than wool and as soft as cashmere, alpaca is resistant to odour, matting and pilling. It is moisture wicking, and basically pretty magical and unique in the world of natural fibres. Blacksaw’s blankets and throws are made from recycled material offcuts that would have ended up in landfill. They take factory offcuts which they hand sort - helping to reduce the use of dyes, then grind and spin them into new fibres.

Steph is Creative Director at Blacksaw. She says she’s always been a bit of a fibre snob, doing everything she could to choose natural fibres first.

“When it came to putting my name on something that was intended to last a lifetime, I knew we only had one way to go…natural, premium fibres that feel amazing on your skin and stand up against the test of time. We wanted to innovate. Premium baby alpaca, in our signature weight, at our price point, doesn’t exist in the marketplace,” she said. “Responsible innovation truly means something to me, and if our brand can be the antagonist of fast fashion, I will sleep well at night.”

Blacksaw’s Peyote Reversible Throw

Blacksaw’s Peyote Reversible Throw. Buy it here

Husband, Kyle Carson Taylor, is the marketing brains behind Blacksaw, currently focusing on strategic partnerships with likeminded people, continuing to improve the product assortment and building out the #MeaningfulPossessions campaign.

“I think it is super important to get people thinking again about where their products are coming from, the longevity of each item and if and why they hold meaning”, he said.

The range currently extends to include some clothing, art prints and accessories, including a cool wall mount - handcrafted in Canada from raw mahogony, that turns the blankets into hanging art pieces. I’ve no doubt the offering will continue to grow. Kyle has global expansion in his sights and, really, these beautiful items need to be shared far and wide.

Blacksaw’s Art Series Wall Mount

Blacksaw’s Art Series Wall Mount. Buy it here

I love this story. It’s a love story… a surf trip turned road trip where this husband and wife team discovered the beautiful alpaca fibre from the region and fell in love with the idea of turning it into a business. A business that would combine their unique skills and approach to life, sustain them and deliver ‘predictable happiness’.

Enjoy these conscious products any way you like - wrap one around you for meditation or at the headland for sunset. Read more about them here. But whatever you do, watch them tell their own story below.

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