Maike Dietrich

Maike Dietrich

In 2004, Maike Dietrich founded her label, Maiami. Synonymous with luxury, and offering a contemporary perspective on a traditional craft, the handmade knitwear became widely admired, and some 19 years later, sells right across the world.

"I used to work as a stylist," says Maike. "In-between jobs, I re-discovered knitting which I had learned from my grandma. When my editor friends saw my first sweaters, they started putting them in their magazines. Soon after, I started selling to Japan – today, we sell to many corners of the world, including Australia! By the way, Maiami turns 20 in 2024!"

The label has a distinct style: unexpected colours, their combination and the unique design of textile surfaces. The personality of each piece reflects a luxury that is rooted in the handmade.

Whilst Maike initially took care of the knitting by herself, production soon became too much for one person and she reached out to other knitters in Berlin. Now, the label works with manufactures in Poland, Bulgaria, Italy and Bosnia. Only the alpaca comes from outside Europe, from Peru. The circle has continued to grow, with a full network of knitters now in place.

"Sometimes it can be a young mother who works from home, sitting her kids at the same time, contributing to the household income. It could also be a woman who wants to be a productive part of a community beyond retirement."

Because the very core of the business model is the traditional craft of handknitting, the brand has a very organic and inherently sustainable production method. High quality, long-lasting materials are used, and being independent from short-term trends, the designs are wearable for more than one season. 

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