We are obsessed with beautiful handmade items that hold the intention and energy of their makers. Unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that are a luxury to own...

Hearth Co. is a destination for conscious shopping

Based in a little shop in Sydney’s Palm Beach, we also keep a range here on our website in case you can’t visit us in person.

Our aim is to give you more choice in what you buy, and the chance to have a more meaningful connection to what you wear, use and surround yourself with.

An eclectic newcomer to Palm Beach, we carry a range of sourced, vintage, handmade and ethically crafted items. Our range is less about seasonal trends and, instead, far-reaching benefit and lasting style.

The products we feature signify progress, not perfection, and meet one or more of the following sustainability values:

  • Originality

    Designs made by hand during part or all of the creative process

  • Community

    Supporting communities, supply chain transparency, welfare of workers and fair working conditions

  • Mindfulness

    Responsibly sourced materials and processes that minimise environmental impact, upcycle, reduce waste

  • Provenance

    Skill transfer, preservation of indigenous craft