Luxe Knitwear Capsule

Luxe Knitwear Capsule

Hearth Co x Wool and Violets knitwear capsule collection.

We’re so excited to announce the arrival of our luxe knitwear capsule collection! Handknit in Maplewood, New Jersey by Nancy Cook of Wool and Violets, the range includes jumpers made with superfine yarn from Italy, beanies and scarves from fun, multi-fibre skeins handspun in Punjab, India by a community of 13 women artisans.

The jumpers are available in three colourways - Winter White, Milk Tea and Milk Tea with neon pink stripe. The yarn is 47% super kid mohair and 53% fine Merino wool, made in Italy, which makes them really warm and beautifully soft with only minimal fly-away fibres that sometimes come along with mohair. The pattern is flattering with a crew neck, wide slouchy body and on-trend bell sleeve. The fit is quite a generous size medium, but I’ve found it ‘fits all’. Give it a shake and it will tend towards medium large.

Note: the silver thread doesn’t show up well in product images but it is quite the feature of these special beanies.

The beanies are made from Knit Collage yarn, a mix of (mostly!) wool, a little mohair and 1% sparkling Angelina fibres. Each colourway is slightly different but these beanies are made of hand spun cream/white fibre with silver thread and tiny flower trims and ribbon rosebuds. Fluffy, lightweight and a touch slubby, this yarn conjures up thoughts of fairytale dreamscapes and secret gardens, and are gorgeous for all ages.

All of the Knit Collage dyeing, carding and spinning takes place in Punjab, India by a team of 13 expert women. Each yarn is specially handcrafted with love and care and represents a loving partnership between Amy at Knit Collage, the designer, and this talented group of women. When choosing to buy these quality, handmade products, you support the livelihood of the Indian women who craft the skeins, as well as all others who touch them along the way.

Jumbo yarn scarf (long size).

The fun, statement scarves are handknit with multi-hued 100% wool jumbo yarn spun by the same group of women in India. They are truly one of a kind since each colourway has its own unique set of fibre colours and each a unique look.

The scarves come in two sizes - short 95cm x 25cm and long 180cm x 20cm. So either wear as a traditional long scarf and loop around your neck several times for dramatic effect. Or, wear the short version more like a shawl for a pop of colour and conversation piece that will keep you warm at the same time. These can really be worn year-round with a singlet or cool vintage t-shirt, to stave off the sea breeze

Read more about the multi-talented maker, Nancy Cook, here.

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