CANVS Bottega Launch

CANVS Bottega Launch

“Deadstock” never looked so good: Sheree Commerford and Heidi Middleton wear the “Take Me Home” set.

There’s a new cool kid on the block.

CANVS Bottega is the latest incarnation by stylist, designer and entrepreneur, Sheree Commerford, and is a platform for experimental e-commerce, held up by the tenets of collaboration, community and sustainability.

In her words: it is a an online workshop of co-created artworks that take many different forms. Some as fashion, some an experience, others from need; all created with the pursuit of a common goal to redefine what it means to make something and the reasons for why you buy it.

And the goal: is to discover interesting and exciting ways of creating and making to bring beauty in the form of need and function with a low or zero negative impact on the planet.

Founder Sheree Commerford

Founder Sheree Commerford Image: ACxCV

The first item to launch is a collaboration between friends. Sheree has teamed up with Heidi Middleton of Sass & Bide and, more recently, ART CLUB fame, to create the “Take Me Home” set. The set consists of a trans-seasonal sweater - with detachable hood, and year-round short, made for comfort, style and versatility.

The set is made from 100% cotton; a combination of locally-sourced ‘deadstock’ cotton and organic cotton waffle. There are special accents such as the hand-embroidered logo and a small number of sets available now that are hand-signed and numbered by the maker.

This is an example of a true slow-fashion production. Here are a few fun facts about the process.

  1. The garment labels are individually screen printed in the ARTCLUB studio on 100% cotton grosgrain;
  2. Corozo (vegetable ivory) buttons have been used as an alternative to plastic. Corozo is harvested naturally from the nuts of Tagua trees grown in South America preventing deforestation, and are biodegradable;
  3. The waffle fabric has been made from 100% GOTS certified cotton designed, knitted and finished in Melbourne;
  4. The packaging for the project consists of 100% recycled eco brown paper made in Sydney from 100% post-consumer waste; and
  5. The stickers are 100% carbon neutral, printed with vegetable-based inks.

Honestly, what’s not to love?

Read more about the collaboration here, and sit tight for the next cool thing to drop, which may just be a Caddis or Helen Kaminski collab - AMAZING!

But expect to wait sometimes. Sheree says CANVS Bottega will be a true slow shop and she will produce, post and update sporadically, as inspiration takes hold and life permits.

Again, what’s not to love?

If you are an artisan or know one who might like to be featured on this site, please send an email to

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